West Sioux Write-In Winner Announced

Orange City, Iowa — The votes have been hand-counted in West Sioux Director District 3, because no candidates filed for the position, and the winner was a write-in.

(file photo)
(file photo)

The Sioux County Auditor’s Office reports that according to the Tally Lists from the Ireton and Hawarden Precinct in the West Sioux School Director District 3, Larry Gregg has been selected to serve on the West Sioux School Board. This result, like all the others has to be canvassed by the Sioux County Board of Supervisors before it becomes official.

Name               # of Votes
Larry Gregg     162
Scattering            6

Preliminary School Election Results

vote voting ballot
O’Brien County:
Hartley Melvin Sanborn:
District 1: Jill Zeutenhorst unopposed    47
District 4: Scott Heetland (incumbent) unopposed   53
District 3: Marne Schipoff (incumbent) unopposed, to fill vacancy   54
Director At Large: Dan Van Gorp 136  vs. Jessica Brink   358
District 2: Mark Brown (incumbent)   379  vs Steve Holles  119
District 3: Kecia Hickman unopposed  427
South O’Brien
Director at Large: Tom Wagner (incumbent) unopposed  68
District 2: Sue McCauley (incumbent) unopposed  65
District 4: Todd Faust (incumbent) unopposed  62
District 5: Sandra Kae Fritz (incumbent) unopposed  58
Osceola County:
District 2: Kyle Grimes (incumbent) unopposed   354
District 5: Daniel Berkland (incumbent) unopposed  393
Public measure B: Whether to levy a Physical Plant and Equipment Levy of  $0 .67/$1000 valuation
Yes: 239 (52.07%)
No:220 (47.93%)
Harris-Lake Park (administered by Dickinson County)
District 1: Douglas Stahly (incumbent) unopposed     28
District 3: Arin Elser (incumbent) unopposed  27
District 5: Shelley Heikens (incumbent) unopposed  28
Lyon County:
Central Lyon:
Four people ran for three positions as director at large:
Judy Gacke(incumbent)  121
David Jans(incumbent)  203
Joel De Wit  210
Andy Koob  197
George-Little Rock:
Director At Large Curt Fiedler (incumbent)  296 vs Gregory Ver Steeg  148
District 1: Douglas Lee Krull (incumbent) unopposed  356
District 4: Amy Jurrens (incumbent) 139 vs Todd Klein 247
West Lyon
District 3: Justin Metzger unopposed  16
District 4: Derek Knobloch (incumbent) unopposed  50
Sioux County
Boyden Hull:
District 2: Jason Moser 604 and Aric Van Voorst 602  (vote for 2)
District 3: Jake Ten Haken  413 vs Lisa Te Slaa  340
District 1: Chris Immeker unopposed  68
District 2: Amy Kleinhesselink (incumbent) unopposed  70
District 4: Shane Jager (incumbent) unopposed  73
Rock Valley:
Director At Large: Jerry Kelderman unopposed  50
Director At Large: James Van Veldhuizen unopposed  51
Sioux Center:
Director At Large: Timothy Lee Gesink unopposed  69
Director At Large: Scott Te Stroete unopposed  69
West Sioux:
District 3: NO CANDIDATES FILED: Ballots will have to be hand-counted
District 4: Danielle Gradert unopposed  168
District 1: Russell Coons unopposed  163

School Board To Discuss In-Town Bus Shortage

Sheldon-Schools-logoSheldon, Iowa — When the Board of Education of the Sheldon Community Schools meets Wednesday for their regular September session they’ll discuss the shortage of  available seats on the District’s in-town after school buses.

You may recall that shortly after the beginning of the current school year the District had encouraged parents to have their children, whenever possible, walk or ride their bicycles to school, or have someone drop them off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day.  They further said that if parents chose to rely on school transportation for in-town bus stops, they were requested to have a backup plan in place, just in case your child was not able to utilize school transportation due to the bus being filled to capacity.  Superintendent Robin Spears has placed the issue on this month’s agenda in order to get some direction from the Board in looking for solutions to this problem.

In other action, the Board is scheduled to take up a list of Open Enrollment Applications, approve some employment contracts, as well as approve education service contracts for school district resident students receiving educational services in other school districts or care facilities, along with other routine agenda items.

Wednesday’s meeting is scheduled for 6 pm in the Sheldon High School Library.

Boyden Wins State Grant To Help Bring In New Mill

Boyden, Iowa — The Iowa Transportation Commission awarded the community of Boyden a grant of nearly 285-FarmersCoopSocietythousand dollars on Tuesday, September 8th. The grant is for street improvements to property for a new business. Boyden Mayor Tim Lammers talked to the commission about the project.

(as he says)”Our community has been blessed with a kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’re a little town of 700 people — a total tax base of about 32 million — and we have a feed company/elevator that is looking to spend 15 million dollars in our community,” Lammers says.

He says the new Farmers Coop Society feed mill will replace one in town and be in a better location and increase its capacity.

(as he says)”With the increased flow — we are currently doing about 700 tons a day — this will be about upwards of three-thousand ton,” Lammers explains. “So we are looking at about one hundred semi loads of feed being produced each day.”

Lammers says the new mill will help area farmers.

(as he says)”It’ll enhance the corn prices in the local area and it should by estimates bring about an extra million dollars of income to local growers. Because of our location being up in the northwest corner we’re about 30 miles from Minnesota and about 30 miles from South Dakota. So, we have the ability to export some of this extra feed to Minnesota and South Dakota.”

Lammers says the new mill will bring in at least 20 new good-paying jobs.

(as he says)”The average estimate from F-C-S is in that 47 to 49-thousand dollars a year. And they are sustainable jobs,” Lammers says. “They are actually investing also in the pork production. They are building about 50-thousand pig spaces themselves — so they are actually providing the feed for their own buildings that they’ll be contracting to local growers.”

Lammers told the Transportation Commission the 20 new jobs is a conservative estimate, and the company thinks it could eventually have as many as 40 new jobs. The grant is part of the RISE, or Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy program.

Story from Radio Iowa

Sign Up Now For NCC Thunder Road Race

Sheldon, Iowa — Preparations are being made for the fourth annual Northwest Iowa Community College Thunder Road Race.
2015 NCC Thunder Road Race
Kristi Landis with NCC tells us how the event got started.

Landis says that while NCC is a cost-effective option for students, there is still some cost involved, and the road race helps to defray some of those costs for some students.

She tells us about the pre-race warm up.

She tells us about the running options, and says you don’t even have to run to contribute.

Landis tells us about the timing and the awards.

She says that about 125 people participated last year, and there were several spectators.

It’s also a costume event, Landis says.

The road race isn’t until October 24th, but now is the time to register, says Landis.

Click here to go to the NCC Facebook page for more information.

BEECIN Foundation Helps Hospice Patients

Sheldon, Iowa — Do you know what BEECIN is? (Pronounced “beacon”) If you’ve been in Sheldon for a while, you may have heard of BEECIN, or perhaps you’ve seen their soft drink can drop off points around town.

We had a chance to visit with someone who helps the BEECIN foundation. April Grooters tells us what BEECIN is.

She says BEECIN is an acronym.

Grooters says they’re a local foundation.

She says a growing part of what they do is help to provide palliative care.

She says palliative care takes the whole person into account, and not just the disease from which they are suffering. She says BEECIN covers palliative care completely, and Sanford bills BEECIN at a reduced rate.

Grooters says while BEECIN is separate from Sanford Home Health and Hospice, BEECIN is the only non-profit that provides these services to Sanford and Sanford patients in O’Brien and Lyon Counties. So any donations do not go directly to Sanford.

She tells us how you can volunteer and/or support BEECIN. She says many people have seen their can bins around the area. Not only can people donate by dropping off their aluminum cans, but they need volunteer help with that project too.

That address for BEECIN again is PO Box 492, Primghar, IA 51245.