Found Dog (3/15/23)

Found dog by Matlock with orange collar on 3/15/23. Call 712-344-9059

Found: Ring

Ring found at Lewis Family Drug. Please call or stop by with a description to claim.


Lost Cat (2/20/23)

Lost cat in the backyard of 721 17th Ave in Sheldon.  We have dogs, the cat is scared to death and she can’t find her way out of our fenced in backyard.  She is currently in a tree and won’t come down. Call 712-341-0620 if it’s yours.

Found Doodle Puppy In Sheldon

Found in Sheldon: Approximately 10-week-old female Doodle puppy wearing a collar with a bell, but no tags.

If this is your puppy, call 712-348-1027 to claim

Lost – Nook E-Book Reader

Lost – Nook e-reader in Sheldon in the vicinity of 6th St. and Washington Ave. If found, call 712-348-5110.