Found Keys

Keys found by Clean Slate Auto Spa in Sheldon — If yours pick them up at KIWA Radio

Found Golden Retriever In Northwest Sheldon

Found: Very friendly female golden retriever, appears to be very well cared for, wearing an orange/red collar with no tags. She has been checked and does NOT have a microchip implanted.

If this is your dog, please call 347-766-4017.

Found Dogs In Hospers

Found white lab with chain still attached and brown long haired dog in Hospers

Call 712-752-522 or 712-230-1937

Lost Cell Phone

Cell phone lost on the corner of Washington Ave and 6th Street in Sheldon on 3/26/19. Please call 712-324-2696 if found.

Lost Dog

Lost: Male Old English Bulldog, Brindle Blue in color, injured in both back legs, wearing an orange and camo “Diesel Power” collar. Answers to the name of “Capone.” Last seen 3 miles west of Bigelow, Minnesota.

Call 712-330-9939

Cat Found in Sheldon

A gray calico  cat with an orange collar & bow was found at the Old 60 parking lot in Sheldon on Wednesday evening, 1/2/19. Please call 712-470-0445 to claim.