Dog Found

Medium sized, black & brown short hair female dog dog found 1 mile north of Fareway in Sheldon on Wed, Aug 15th. No collar, very friendly. Please call 712-324-3910 to claim.

Wallet Found in Sheldon

A wallet was found at Hy-Vee in Sheldon. Please call the Sheldon Police Department to describe and claim at 712-324-2525.

Found Cell Phone

Found in Sheldon: Cell Phone. Call the Sheldon Police Department at 712-324-2525 to describe and claim.

Found Key

Found: Key on a lanyard. Call Sheldon Police Department at 712-324-2525 to claim by identifying.

Lost Dog

Lost Dog:

North of Boyden, a male medium-sized, Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd Mix, wearing an orange collar.

Call 712-348-2361

Walkie-Talkie Found

Found on L40 south of the O’Brien/Osceola county line.
Call 712 261 3309