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Cool Temps May Not Give Enough Heat For Crops To Mature Before Frost

Northwest Iowa —┬áThe air conditioners are off and the windows are open as we’ve been enjoying mild temperatures in the last several weeks.

Iowa State University extension crop specialist Joel DeJong says things are great for people, but the crops need some more heat to get things growing.

He says the soybeans are starting to mature.

But the overall progress of the beans has them nowhere near getting ready to turn color.

DeJong says the forecast for cooler than normal temperatures won’t help.

DeJong says the corn here in northwest Iowa needs more heat to get it to mature before the first hard freeze ends the growing season.

He says corn in the northern part of the KIWA Listening Area will really have a tough time beating the frost.

DeJong says he expects to see mediocre yields here in northwest Iowa for both corn and soybeans.

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