Feedlot Forum To Focus On Beef Industry Changes

Sioux Center, Iowa — Nothing is static, and beef production is no exception. To help producers and agri-business professionals adapt, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has a meeting coming up shortly in Sioux Center. Read more

Mechanic Gives Tips For Keeping Cars Running In Extreme Cold

Sheldon, Iowa — We made it through the last run of subzero weather, but there’s some snow forecast for the middle of the week, and after that, we could see some more below-zero lows. During the bitter cold snap last week, those who fix cars were kept quite busy with cars that wouldn’t start. We talked with Mike Christians, who runs Larry’s Repair in Sheldon. He told us some things to keep in mind to keep your car running next time the bitter cold strikes. Read more

Propane Prices NOT Up Sharply Due To Cold Snap

Northwest Iowa — Despite the brutally cold weather in northwest Iowa recently and a corresponding sharp increase in demand from farmers and homeowners, propane prices are -not- bounding in Iowa, according to Paul Ovrom, an ag marketer at the Iowa Department of Agriculture. Read more