Municipal Election Results

More positions than candidates (write-in winners):

Sheldon City Council, Ward 2 : Shawn Broesder (6 votes); Joshua Krayenbrink (2); Lyle VandenBerg (2)
Paullina City Council: Vote for 2: Steven Heeren (filed papers, 54 votes); Dave Honkomp (5); Carol Honkomp (4); Craig Kruger (4)
Paullina Mayor: Justin Stamer (15); Marlo Ebel (4)
Primghar City Council: Vote for 3, top 3 were: Tim Honkomp (92); Jack Black (89) Ken Miller (write-in – 62)
Ashton Mayor: Pat DeVries (31) Others (13).
Ashton City Council: Vote for 3, top 3 write-ins were: Kevin Ommen (30); Dan Grote (27); Bill Honkomp (16).
Sibley City Council Ward 1: Mitchell Ackerman (50 write-ins); Ward 3: Misty Spooner (96 write-ins)
Matlock Mayor: Charles Schwebach received all 16 write-in votes.

Contested races:
Calumet City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were: Danielle Rehder, 42.03%; Andrew Lichter: 39.13%
Sutherland City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were: Johanna Homan, 38.17%; Dennis Templer, 31.55%.
Sutherland Mayor: Kay Gifford, 46.49%; Paul Hibbing 42.70%; Elizabeth Peters, 10.81%
Harris City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were Jeff Loring, 34 votes; Russell Meier, 33 votes
Boyden Mayor: Laryl Koerselman 90.82%; Jeremy Kruid 9.18%
Hawarden City Council: Vote for 3, top 3 were: Robert Klocke, 30.61%; Jenn Bergsma, 27.18%; Timothy Kurth, 19.67%
Hospers Mayor: Dan Dykstra, 52.83%; John Den Hartog 47.17%.
Hospers City Council – vote for 2, top 2 were: Michael Thompson, 43.52%; Amanda Boersma, 38.87%
Ireton Mayor: Chris Mueller, 67.31%; Russell De Vos, 18.59%; Brett Buyert, 14.10%
Ireton City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were Rodney Ten Napel, 45.99%; Bradley Kooi, 31.01%
Doon City Council: Vote for 3,  top 3 were: Jerry Keizer (filed papers, 149); Arlys Rozeboom (77 write-ins); Les Vander Tuin (66 write-ins) Matt Van Engen (filed papers, 57)
George City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were: William Koopman (94 votes); Carola Vivian (72 votes)
Little Rock City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were: Bill Henrichs, 39.86%; Diane Peters, 30.07%
Rock Rapids Mayor: Jason Chase, 50.78%; Matthew Odekoven, 34.77%; Lawrence Lupkes, 13.80%.
Rock Rapids City Council: Vote for 2, top 2 were Ed Reck, 43.20%; Cody Hoefert, 29.10%; Michelle Sprock had 25.90%.

Sibley voters approved the city to issue general obligation loan notes in the amount of 1.6 million dollars for improving the city pool. The vote was 447 yes to 78 no.

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