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Friday, July 19, 2024

(Scroll down the page for road closures due to flooding)

RIDES is currently out of service , due to an outage, they are unsure how long the outage will last . Stay tuned to KIWA, as RIDES will call  when service is reinstated and they are up and going.

West Lyon school district wants to let everyone know that power will be shut off at West Lyon for 4-6 hours on Wednesday, July 24th.  The building will be only accessible by REC crew and electrical contractors that day.  We appreciate your understanding and hope you’re having an enjoyable summer!  Thanks from the West Lyon Administration.

The Red Cross is providing FREE flood clean up kits for ALL Lyon County residents at the George Fire Department Time: 1:00 – 4:30, or until they are gone. There are 70 kits available and it’s one per household.

The Community Foundation of Lyon County has activated the Disaster Recovery Fund to support recovery efforts for those impacted by the flooding in Lyon County. Donations are now being accepted. The Disaster Recovery Fund aims to provide financial resources to address short, intermediate, and long-term recovery needs in the Lyon County area. The fund will support local organizations and non-profits that are directly assisting individuals and families affected by the flooding. Contributions to the Disaster Recovery Fund can be made online at, delivered to any Peoples’ Bank location, or mailed to the Community Foundation of Lyon County c/o Siouxland Community Foundation, 4425 Singing Hull Blvd. STE 100, Sioux City, IA, 51106. The Community Foundation of Lyon County is an affiliate fund of the Siouxland Community Foundation. Community Donations will enable non-proft 501 (c)(3) organizations and public agencies (including local city or county government unitys, and faith-based organizations) that meet grant criteria to apply for grants to support relief and recovery efforts. Applications will be accepted and processed on a rolling basis until further notice. Grants will be awarded based on available resources. The grant application will be available under “Lyon County” at

The Advisory Committee of the Community Foundation of Lyon County includes:

Jennifer Wippert (County-at-Large), Chair
Jen Smit (County-at-Large), Disaster Recovery Fund Lead
Becca Bixler (Inwood, IA)                                    Phyllis Borer (Little Rock, IA)
Ned Hodgson (Larchwood, IA)                            Jeff Hoogeveen (Lester, IA)
Hoogeveen (Lester, IA)

Kristi Landis (George, IA)                                    Mark Nagel (Alvord, IA)

Katie Popkes (Rock Rapids, IA)

 For more information about the Community Foundation of Lyon County Disaster Recovery Fund, please contact 712-470-6508 or visit

MidAmerican Gives Saftey Tips For Floods


Click here for several messages from Sioux County regarding Rock Valley, Hawarden, closed roads and more.

The Iowa Veterans of Foreign Wars has a disaster relief fund available to veterans directly impacted by the severe weather and flooding. This fund is provided by the National VFW and distributed by the Department of Iowa. It is open to all veterans and veteran’s organizations here in Iowa. Please visit and click on the banner for details on how to apply for this disaster relief.

Flood Recovery Volunteer Tracking for the City of Sheldon:

In all Federally declared disasters, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) can reimburse local and state governments for the cost of disaster recovery through a cost-share agreement.


Volunteer hours help communities recover in two ways:


     Volunteer work is essential to helping the community recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

       Volunteer hours have a dollar amount attached to them by the Federal government to aid communities in recovering the cost of relief efforts.


Volunteer hours must be documented in an auditable way for hours to count towards the cost-share.


Tracking volunteer hours is simple. You will need to document:


·         Volunteer’s Namefirst and last

·         Location of Volunteer Workthe specific address of the service site

·         Hours Workeda sign-in time and a sign-out time

·         Type of Worka brief description, i.e.:

o   “Donations Management” for loading, unloading and sorting donations

o   “Shelter Management” for assisting shelter residents or staff

o   “Mass Feeding” for cooking or serving food to shelter residents or volunteers

o   “Debris Removal” for clearing debris, cleaning up yards, and clearing streets.


It is also beneficial to note if the volunteer used any equipment, since some types of equipment, such as chainsaws or generators, also have reimbursable dollar amounts attached.


The easiest way to document volunteer hours is to use a sign-in sheet at a central volunteer check-in location.


It is a good idea to have volunteers fill out an intake and waiver prior to service. This should not deter volunteerism! Most volunteers will willingly fill out a short form.  The benefit of using an intake and waiver system is two-fold:


1)      The intake helps FEMA confirm the volunteer as a unique individual in the event of an audit, and

2)      The waiver helps protect your agency from possible liability in the event of injury or damage caused in the course of volunteer activities.


Be aware, the more information you can gather about your volunteers, the more likely your data will stand the test of audit.  The less you have, the less likely your data will lead to reimbursement. Please try to use intake forms and waivers whenever possible.  See the attached intake and waiver for an example of forms that have been used in the past.


Once the system is in place, it is easy to maintain with just a couple of volunteers to assist with the paperwork.


A spreadsheet can be used to help track the information you are collecting in your physical forms. Using a spreadsheet can help you ensure you are not duplicating intakes or missing waivers.  However, while a database is useful to help calculate volunteer hours for your own organization’s purposes, it is not absolutely necessary for the FEMA cost-share reimbursement.




Message  from Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker

   The City of Sheldon sent out a standalone mailing this week to all utility
customers. This is unusual for us, but we wanted to get the word out on the
FEMA assistance available.

 Please apply even if you don’t think you will get much, and here is why. Encourage all
your neighbors and friends in Sheldon to do the same, even if damage was
minimal. The more applications that are filed, the more it helps you and the
more it helps the City with future grant opportunities, IE hazardous mitigation

 FEMA has surprised us with how fast they are with
processing claims. This may slow down now that more people are applying,
but we have heard reports that they are quick – as in 3 – 4 days.

   You won’t know unless you apply. The claims are loss-based and not necessarily income based like the state grant is.

    Because this is a federal disaster, uncovered losses are tax deductible. The FEMA claim’s documentation will help you when you do your taxes next year.

    The more complete a picture we can paint for FEMA, the more the City of Sheldon and O’Brien / Sioux County can be eligible for iterms of public infrastructure grants, housing assistance, etc. So, you are helping all of us by filing your claim.

    FEMA’s initial response can be appealed administratively, and the appeals process (we are told) is also fairly quick.

 For more info, see Apply for FEMA assistance | City of Sheldon (

The tree dump north of town (north of Washington Ave / Hwy 18) remains closed, and
the reopen date is unknown. Please continue to use the ID Excavating site on
Western Ave, near the pallet pile. No stumps, junk, appliances, etc.

 We are grateful for ID Excavating’s continued support during this time, we would
be in a bind if it wasn’t for their help.

 Tree dump | City of Sheldon (

 Also, the leaf dump at Hills Park is still open. For leaves / brush only.

 The Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley school district is requesting donations for the flood cleanup volunteers. They have asked for donations of work boots and work gloves to help prevent injuries to those helping with the cleanup. All items can be dropped off at the Boyden-Hull High School and distributed throoughout our communities. Check out the City of Rock Valley website for more information.

The City of Sheldon flood cleanup has begun. The City of Sheldon wants to remind everyone that this is the beginning and not the end. The City of Sheldon also wants residents to remember that this is not a general cleanup day. Please respect this service by putting out only flood damaged items. ID Excavating will pick up areas in blue and Boer and Sons will pick up areas in red. Please do not panic if you see the truck go by and you missed it. Visit https// for more information. The City of Sheldon does note that they will not be repairing lawns, so please place your items on a hard surface if at all possible.

Northwest Iowa Community College campus and LLRC is closed.

Reformation Gospel Ministries has postponed the Evangelism Training Seminar at the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Hull, due to the flooding in NW Iowa and the cleanup efforts that are being pursued at this time. We are looking at holding it in either September or October. Will inform you as soon as possible of the new date – the location will remain the same, just different dates for the seminar.

St. Andrew weekend and daily Mass has resumed in Sibley. Caution tape will be up at both stairwells to the basement and at the elevator. Please do not go around the caution tape. This caution is for your safety.

Sanford Sheldon is open for anyone needing a shelter.

The City of Sheldon has announced they have a limited supply of N95 masks from O’Brien County Emergency Management. Please stop by the City Clerk’s Office from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. between Monday-Friday. No charge, but only take what you need.

The dumpsters on the East side of Sheldon City Park will stay there until Wednesday, July 24th, which is the date for the
city’s next council meeting.


From Sandy Ford at Oak Grove:

We are thankful for the City of Rock Valley! They have offered the use of the Rock Valley Sports Complex for our Aug 3 Ringneck Rendezvous Event from 4pm-8pm. Unfortunately, the Rock Valley Gun Club will have to rebuild after they find a new location, due to flooding in Rock Valley. We will be passing the hat to help them with this at the event. Link for registration on

 Other updates: Sandy Hollow Fishing will not be rescheduled; no new date for 100 Year Celebration of Oak Grove or Amie Adams yet; Sandy Hollow older campground and both campgrounds at Big Sioux Rec Area are open; we are currently offering half price camping to flood victims. They need to call 712/552-1047 for this discount.

A yellow circle with black text and stars

Description automatically generatedRECOVERY RESOURCES












Deadline to apply: August 23, 2024

How to apply:

– Visit  

– Call FEMA directly at 800-621-3362

– Visit a Disaster Recovery Center in-person

(Disaster Recovery Center Locator:

FEMA works with each household on a case-by-case basis.








Deadline to apply: August 23, 2024

The Small Business Administration offers low-interest loans after a disaster to help businesses of all sizes, non-profit organizations, and individual households.

How to apply:

– Visit

Additional information is available by calling the SBA Customer Service   Center at (800) 659-2955.




IRS announces tax relief for victims of severe storms, flooding, straight-line winds, and tornadoes in Iowa.


Disaster Recovery

New Housing

Grant Program

Link to program:


Disaster Recovery Housing Assistance Program

Link to program: (forgivable loan assistance; limited funding available)

Disaster Recovery Temporary Housing Program

Link to program:

Disaster Recovery

Farm Interest Program

Link to program:





Link to program:  (Deadline to apply: December 19, 2024)

Iowa Legal Aid

Link to program:   1-866-761-4692


Northwest Iowa

Planning and Development Commission

Link to program:

(Special Revolving Loan Fund program designed to assist local businesses in affected counties.) For more information, you can call the NWIPDC office at 712-262-7225, ext 142.

(Micro-Grant Program for Homeowners)  712-262-7225 Ext. 139

Love Inc. of Greater O’Brien County

Link to program:

(Furniture Ministry, temporary Window AC Unit Program while supplies last, Cleaning supplies (limited amount available)).  If you would like to donate, please reach out to Love Inc.  712-324-9707

O’Brien County Recovery

Link to website:

(English and Spanish resources) links, pdf. documents, videos

    O’Brien County EMA:        Office 712-757-4305         Email: jjohnson@obri







290th Street

Wilson Avenue

Yew Avenue

Culvert Repair

300th Street

Nest Avenue

Hwy 60

Bridge Repair

300th Street

Redwood Avenue

Roosevelt Avenue

Bridge Repair

370th Street

Vine Avenue

Warbler Avenue

Bridge Repair

390th Street

Polk Avenue

Redwing Avenue

Bridge Repair

390th Street

Warbler Avenue

Dead End East

Bridge Repair

400th Street

Hwy 59

Sorrel Avenue

Bridge Repair

400th Street (B40)

Warbler Avenue

Yellow Avenue

Bridge Repair

470th Street

Oriole Avenue

Olive Avenue

Culvert Repair

470th Street

Redwing Avenue

Redwood Avenue

Bridge Repair

Oak Hill Avenue (L36)

280th Street

300th Street

Bridge Repair

Oriole  Avenue

470th Street

480th Street

Culvert Repair

Polk Avenue

470th Street

490th Street

Bridge Repair

Redwing Avenue (L48)

500th Street

510th Street

Bridge Repair

Vine Avenue (M12)

390th Street

410th Street

Paving Project

White Avenue

390th Street

400th Street

Bridge Repair

White Avenue

460th Street

Wilson Avenue

Bridge Repair