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U.S. milk production to grow slower in 2024

IARN – The good news is U.S. milk production is expected to grow in 2024. Michael McConnel of the USDA’s Chief Economist Office says the bad news is the growth

Farm loan repayments are beginning to slip

IARN – After a couple of years of great prices and good profit margins, we have seen the ag profit forecasts start to dip lower year by year. However, we

Getting equipment properly set up for planting

IARN – Getting equipment ready for the rush of spring planting can be a big chore. Greg Jones, global field engineering manager for Firestone Ag, says it’s important that farmers

BoviJet helping producers gather more data on cattle

IARN – As labor becomes more difficult to find, cattle producers can take advantage of new technologies to ease the labor requirements for taking care of their cattle. Dakota Belling,

EPA considers slowing shift to electric vehicles

IARN – The Environmental Protection Agency is considering slowing tailpipe emission limits, which would give automakers more time to increase electric vehicle sales. The New York Times, followed by the