4/4: A white adult female Carin terrier was found on 3rd Ave in Sheldon. It must’ve had a red or pink collar at one time, as it’s neck is pinkish. She was turned in to the Sheldon Vet Clinic, call 324-3014

4/6: A Shetland Pony was found north of George, and west of Little Rock. If you are missing your pony, call 470-1222

4/6: The Sheldon Vet Clinic had a dog and cat turned in, both found in Sheldon. The dog is a tan, male, Carin Terrier puppy, and the cat is a large adult tortoise shell colored cat.  Call the Vet Clinic, 324-3014

4/18: A male Pug was found between Boyden and Hull. He isn’t wearing a collar. Call 348-1981.

4/20: A male terrier dog was found 1 3/4 miles west of Sanborn. He is white with brown, and has a red collar. Call 729-3763

5/30: A male black lab was found 3 miles south of Boyden wearing a chain collar. Call 712-470-5043

5/31: A pair of Harley Davidson sunglasses, brown with pink embellishments, lost somewhere near Ashton or along County Highway L40. If found, please call Al Webb at 736-2255

6/5: Grey and white terrier male mix wearing a red collar is at the Sheldon Vet Clinic . Call 712-324-3014

6/6: A female, brown boxer wearing a tan collar has been found on Main Street in Sanborn – call 729-5720

6/19: 2, kids’ ball gloves lost in Little Rock on Tuesday, June 19th  – 712-541-3268