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SUV Sideswiped by Sprayer

O'BrienSheriff obriensheriff O'Brien SheriffSheldon, Iowa — An Ashton teen’s vehicle was damaged in an accident near Sheldon on Thursday, June 19th.

The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office reports that at about 3:30 pm on Thursday, 19-year-old Gage Karolczak of Ashton was driving a 2009 Ford Escape southbound on Monroe Avenue. Thirty-year-old Carleton Monroe of Sheldon was driving a 2014 Hagi Sprayer northbound on Monroe Avenue. According to the report, Monroe sensed that the lead tender truck was meeting a vehicle as it was moving over to the right and slowed down and moved to the right shoulder. Karolczak then emerged from the cloud of dust kicked up by a vehicle in front of the sprayer, and the Sprayer and Ford rubbed against eachother. Karolczak thought just his mirror was hit so he didn’t stop. Monroe stopped and picked up the broken pieces of the mirror and tail light. When Karolczak didn’t return, Carleton continued on his way. Karolczak later realized he had more damage as the big tire from the sprayer caused damage to the side of the Escape. The sprayer had no damage.

The Ford received $5000 damage.

No injuries were reported.

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