Lights and Sirens

Four Cited For Fireworks Violations

Sheldon, Iowa — The Independence Day holiday has come and gone, and with it has gone the ability to shoot off consumer fireworks legally.

The Iowa State Code allows consumer fireworks to be exploded from June 1st to July 8th each summer, but many Iowa communities, including Sheldon, has a somewhat shorter window in which fireworks can be legally exploded.

In Sheldon, consumer fireworks can be used between June 20th and July 5th, and only between the hours of noon to 10pm each day, with the exception of July 4th, when hours are extended until 11:00pm.

Sheldon Police say four Sheldon residents ran afoul of Sheldon’s Fireworks Ordinance this past weekend by shooting off fireworks on Saturday night, July 7th. 

Sheldon Police identify the four as Brisa Ivone Ramosdelacruz, Tyler Freeman, Maria De Los Angelos Barahonadecano, and Yolanda Marilu Ramirez Sandoval. Each of the four were cited for their alleged violations within about a 90-minute period Saturday night. 

According to the Sheldon Fireworks Ordinance, the violations are a simple misdemeanor, and can result in a fine of up to $250.00.

The next period in which fireworks can be exploded in Iowa comes during December and January, during the New Year period.

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