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Inwood Man Arrested After Being Shot Twice By Tasers

Inwood, Iowa — An Inwood man was tasered, arrested, and was charged with interference with official acts after an altercation in Inwood recently.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office tells us that on Saturday, March 9th, at about 10:30 p.m., one of their deputies arrested 39-year-old Travis Jensen of Inwood. Jensen was charged with interference with an official act, a simple misdemeanor.

According to court records, the deputy says that while he was on routine patrol, he was stopped by five kids along the street. He says the deputy they told him that there was a fight or domestic situation going on at their home. The deputy says he stopped at the home and the kids held the door open for him and told him that the people were in the back room.

He states that as he got to the kitchen area he could hear yelling and he announced his presence by shouting, “Sheriff’s Office.” The deputy says that a female opened the door and said
something to the effect of, “Now look who is here.”

The deputy says that’s when Jensen came around the corner and was very aggressive towards the deputy. He says he deployed his taser and he says Jensen continued to come at him.

The deputy’s statement says Jansen continued to be aggressive and threatening towards him. He says when another deputy arrived, he again became very aggressive when he was told that he was being placed under arrest.

He says the other deputy again deployed a taser, and after a short altercation, Jensen was taken into custody.

No court dates have been set yet in the case.

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