Bill Would End Development Of Rock Island Clean Line

Des Moines, Iowa — The chairman of a House committee is touting legislation that would end the project to build a 500-mile-long electric transmission line through Iowa, starting in O’Brien County. Representative Bobby Kaufmann, a Republican from Wilton, says the “Rock Island Clean Line” is “stagnant” because property owners are resisting having the line on their land.

Developers must apply to the Iowa Utilities Board for permission to proceed with the project. Kaufmann’s bill would revoke applications for energy transmission line projects like the “Clean Line” after two years.

The proposed transmission line would take wind energy generated in northern Iowa and ship it to the Chicago metro. Developers have pledged to have the transmission line towers built in Sioux City and Iowa Economic Development Authority director Debi Durham has called it “an important project that needs to occur.” Kaufmann says that’s “dead wrong” because 87 percent of landowners have refused to voluntarily sign “easements” that allow construction through their property.

A spokeswoman for the Rock Island Clean Line says the bill would stop development of needed infrastructure, halt job creation and withdraw millions of dollars of private investment in Iowa. Kaufmann’s bill has cleared a three-member subcommittee and will next be considered by the House Government Oversight Committee.

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