Blood Run Cultural Landscape Master Plan Unveiled

Larchwood, Iowa — State officials are not ready to name it a state park yet, but they do have a better idea of what the state park southwest of Larchwood at Blood Run is going to look like.
blood run
The final draft of the Blood Run Cultural Landscape Master Plan was unveiled at a ceremony at Grand Falls Casino near Larchwood on Friday by Quinn Evans Architects. Officials say it was the culmination of decades of research and planning for a state park that will surround Blood Run National Historic Landmark on the banks of the Big Sioux River.

Michael Morain with the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs says the goal was to come up with a plan that balances honoring the history and the natural conservation of the area with educating future generations about why this place is significant. He says they have been working from the beginning with Native American tribes whose ancestors lived or traded in the area. He says the plan is very well-thought-out with lots of maps and documentation.

He summarizes the plan that was unveiled.

He says that although when some people think of the word “State Park,” they think of outdoor recreation and fun, this area will not follow that stereotype.

He says the opening of the state park is still years off at this point.

It is hoped that the state park will be bridged across the Big Sioux River to the South Dakota Good Earth State Park at Blood Run on the other side of the river. Officials from both states continue to work together to make that happen, says Morain.

He says if you’d like to see the final master plan, it will soon be available (if it’s not already) at

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