County-By-County Caucus Results

Date posted - February 1, 2016

Northwest Iowa — The Iowa Precinct Caucuses were Tuesday night across the state. Statewide the winner on the Republican side appeared to be Ted Cruz with nearly 28 percent. Donald Trump had 24.3 percent and not too far away was Marco Rubio with 23 percent. The other Republican candidates received less than ten percent statewide. On the Democratic side, it was pretty much too close to call with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both receiving nearly fifty percent. Martin O’Malley came in a distant third with less than one percent.

Democratic Results

(all precincts reporting)

56.7% Sanders
40.0% Clinton
3.3% O’Malley

56.7% Clinton
38.3% Sanders
5.0% O’Malley

50.9% Clinton
47.3% Sanders
1.8% O’Malley

50.7% Sanders
48.0% Clinton
1.3% Uncommitted

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Republican Results:

(all precincts reporting)

39.0% Cruz
20.7% Rubio
18.6% Carson
15.6% Trump
1.8% Santorum

34.6% Cruz
23.9% Trump
17.1% Rubio
12.8% Carson
4.0% Bush

28.5% Cruz
23.1% Rubio
21.0% Trump
18.0% Carson
3.7% Huckabee

33.2% Cruz
32.0% Rubio
14.9% Carson
10.9% Trump
2.5% Paul

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