Council Closer to Deciding New City Manager

Council ChambersThe Sheldon City Council is getting closer to deciding who will be the next City Manager. Three candidates are still in the running with two of them being interviewed for the second time this Thursday.

Mayor Meendering tells KIWA that the next step will be for the members to decide if they also want to interview the third candidate a second time. The next time they meet they will have several options … of those would be to offer the position to one of the three finalists. Or, they could wait to make their decision after they have conducted a second interview with the third applicant.

This discussion could be held in closed session as part of the October 5th regular council meeting, but Meendering says she would like to get a special meeting set up earlier than that date if possible.

All discussions and interviews with regard to the selection of a new City Manager are being held in Closed Session of the City Council at the request of all three candidates under consideration. According to the Iowa Open Meetings Law, final action by the council must be held in Open Session.

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