Drought In Southern Iowa Could Turn Into Lower Propane Prices For All

Statewide Iowa (RI) — Propane prices are creeping slightly higher in Iowa as farmers prepare for the harvest and drying their grain. Paul Ovrum, an ag marketing specialist with the Iowa Department of Agriculture, says the corn harvest will likely begin earlier in parts of southern Iowa this fall due to continued drought. He says the unfortunate weather conditions could end up impacting propane prices for the good.

Lesser demand typically means lower prices. Still, foreign markets are helping to drive up propane costs, according to Ovrum.

Propane is averaging $1.26 a gallon in Iowa, up about 13 cents a gallon from a year ago. It’s estimated 67 percent of Iowans use natural gas to heat their homes, 15 percent use electricity and 14 percent use propane.

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