Egg Production Drops As Poultry Farms Rebuild From Bird Flu

eggsNorthwest Iowa — There are -no- new cases of bird flu reported this fall as yet, but the aftershocks are still being felt from the widespread outbreak in Iowa and elsewhere this spring. Poultry producers continue to rebuild their flocks after millions of birds were wiped out by the disease. U-S-D-A livestock analyst Shayle Shagam says the latest egg production numbers are still showing a drop.

Iowa was the worst-hit state by bird flu earlier this year. Iowa had 75 confirmed outbreaks in 18 counties, which led to some 32-million chickens and turkeys dying or having to be euthanized statewide. The federal survey shows the poultry industry is starting to recover and rebuild.

Shagam says rebuilding flocks just takes time.

Consumers continue to see higher prices for eggs. Shagam says the wholesale cost during the 4th quarter will be about $2.45 a dozen, compared to $1.63 a year ago. There are rising fears more bird flu outbreaks could occur this fall as migrating wild waterfowl, which are blamed for carrying the disease, head south for the winter.

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