Find Out More About Pollinators At The Library

Sheldon, Iowa — Many crops, flowers and vegetables are pollinated thanks to insects and other creatures. You may have heard that pollinators around the globe are in trouble.
bee 1
Experts say that if pollinators struggle, so does our food supply.

O’Brien County Conservation Board naturalist Charlene Elyea says she’ll be at the Sheldon Public Library on Monday, February 1 at 6:30 p.m. to talk about this topic.

She says that just a few simple tricks in your garden can make a big difference for pollinators. Also included in this presentation is a chance to learn more about an exciting citizen science project starting in Iowa, which focuses on butterflies.

She says one of the butterflies they’ll talk about is the monarch. She says monarchs need milkweeds. But she also says that there are more kinds of milkweeds than just the common milkweed that used to be pulled out of soybean fields, and some of them can not only attract monarch butterflies, but can actually beautify your yard.

This event is part of a partnership between the O’Brien County Conservation Board and your public library.

The event is free, and no pre-registration is required.

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