Gas Prices Climb, But Should Decline Soon

ethanol gas nozzleNorthwest Iowa — You may have noticed an increase in prices at the gas pump over the past few days, but market analysts say those prices should begin falling within a few weeks, toward two-dollars a gallon.

Gail Weinholzer, spokeswoman for Triple-A Iowa, says this slight boost in pump prices is temporary.

She says refineries are in the process of switching from the summer grade of fuel to the winter blend.

With summer vacation season behind us now, Weinholzer says gas prices often fall as we move toward the holiday season.

While Iowa’s current statewide average is two-33 a gallon, that’s down from two-47 a month ago and down from three-15 a year ago. The cheapest gas in the state right now is selling in Davenport at two-21 a gallon while the most expensive gas is in Des Moines, averaging at two-42.  Here in northwest Iowa, prices are within a few cents a gallon of two-37.

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