Improvements Added To Sheldon Sportsmen’s Club Range

Range 3Sheldon, Iowa — Shooters who use the O’Brien County Sportsmen’s Club Range northeast of Sheldon will find some improvements on their next visit.

Earlier this week the O’Brien County Conservation Board erected roofs over each of the five shooting stations at the range.  O’Brien County Conservation Board Director Terry Boltjes tells us how this came about.

Boltjes says the Conservation Board was involved with the project because they maintain the range for the Sportsmen’s Club.

He says he expects the topic of roofs on the shooting stations at the Sportsmen’s Club’s Hartley range to be discussed at the Conservation Board’s next meeting, along with an attempt to find a space for a third range in the county.

Boltjes said the actual construction of the roofs at the Sheldon range was completed by all the Park Rangers of the O’Brien County Conservation Board, with funds for the project provided by the O’Brien County Sportsmen’s Club.

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