Kurtz: Traffic Fatalities Up Drastically So Far This Year

Kurtz, Vincent 495 Clarinda, IASheldon, Iowa — Iowa State Trooper Vince Kurtz appeared on the KIWA Morning Show Tuesday morning, and discussed a couple of different topics.

The Trooper talked about the fact that traffic fatalities are up dramatically this year in the Hawkeye State, as opposed to 2015.

Kurtz says that, while the numbers are disheartening, the real impact goes well beyond the numbers.

He says that Iowa is on a watch list of states that have had a large upturn in numbers of fatalities involving impaired drivers, but that’s not the only area of concern.

The Morning Show Crew told Kurtz about a weekend incident in the Twin Cities, in which a car was rear-ended on the interstate, after the driver stopped their vehicle to allow a family of ducks to cross the road.  A listener sent a text asking Trooper Kurtz what a driver should do to avoid collisions with animals.  Kurtz had this advice.

Trooper Kurtz appears on the KIWA Morning Show on the first Tuesday morning of each month, talking about traffic safety issues of concern to northwest Iowa motorists.

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