Moving Slowly Toward Naming Area A State Park

Larchwood, Iowa — More progress is being made toward a new Iowa State Park on the western edge of Lyon County.
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Iowa Department of Natural Resources Parks Bureau Chief Todd Coffelt says the park would be a joint state park with South Dakota, along both sides of the Big Sioux River. Public meetings were held in late September, giving the public a chance to see what was going on and provide input. Coffelt tells us what has happened since then.

He says one of the efforts they’re really moving forward on is the Master Planning process.

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He says he can’t nail down a timeline for when the area may be designated a state park. First of all, he says there is a small piece of property that the State Department of Cultural Affairs owns and the Lyon County Conservation Board manages, but they’re looking to add to that. He says they also have to figure out a few more details.

But he says both the DNR and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad are eager to designate the area as the state’s first bi-state park.

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