Osceola Authorities Make Unusual Capture (VIDEO)

eagle, baldAshton, Iowa — Law enforcement officers are often called upon to make difficult captures, but the one Osceola County Sheriff’s Officers were called upon to make Wednesday was definitely out of the ordinary.

Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber says the Osceola County Communications Center received a call Wednesday of a bald eagle down in the median ditch on Highway 60, north of Ashton.  Weber says that when he arrived on scene, the bird was a little tough to find.

Sheriff Weber says that once he saw what they were dealing with, he called for backup from experts.

He says officials surmise that the eagle was injured by a passing vehicle.

Weber says that after it’s capture, the eagle was taken to a rehabilitation facility.

Sheriff Weber tells KIWA that his biggest worry during the attempt to capture the bird was that it would manage to get back up onto Highway 60 and be hit again.

Weber caught the bird’s capture on video, and that video is featured below, courtesy of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

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