Osceola County Sheriff Offers Free Drug Test Kits

deputy-matt-juliusSibley, Iowa — Parents in Osceola County who suspect, or fear, that their children may be taking drugs, now have access to the means to find out for sure.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is offering, free of charge, drug detection kits that parents can use to get the information they need.  Osceola County Sheriff Doug Weber says the kits are easy to use right in your own home.

The Sheriff says that, while the test kits are obtained through the Sheriff’s Office, there is no requirement to involve law enforcement if a test comes up positive.

Weber says some parents have even used the test kits as a deterrent.

He says that for more information, and some advice, you can visit the Sheriff’s Office website at

Photo Caption:  Osceola County Deputy Matt Julius holds one of the department’s free drug test kits.

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