Proposed Halloween Carnival Needs Donations

Sheldon, Iowa — A Halloween Carnival is being planned in Sheldon — but there’s a catch. There’s not enough money to buy prizes — and you can’t have a carnival without prizes.
halloween pumpkin trick or treat jack-o-lantern

Karin Vanden Berg is one of the organizers of the proposed event, and she tells us that they’d like it to be like the old “Fall Festival” in Sheldon that she used to help out with.

She tells us what they’d like to have for the carnival.

But, says Vanden Berg — that’s the rub. They don’t have money to purchase the prizes.

Vanden Berg says they’d appreciate donations in any amount. She says you can mail them to Prairie Arts Historical Park, PO Box 61, Sheldon, Iowa 51201. Or you can contact Hal Tuttle at 324-4190 or Vanden Berg at 324-9718 to pick up your donation.

Their goal is around $500, which in years past seemed to be enough for candy and prizes, she says.

She says if they get enough funding, they’d like to do the Halloween Carnival on the actual day of Halloween, Saturday, October 31st, 2015, from 1 to 3 PM.

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