Sanford Sheldon Dr: Get Heart-Healthy During National Heart Month

Sheldon, Iowa — February is National Heart Month, a good time to take stock of your heart health.

Dr. Ryan Becker of Sanford Sheldon says cardiovascular disease is the number-one cause of death in this country, and around the world.

He says there are seven basic ways to stay, or become, heart-healthy,

Becker says healthy eating is a key component.

Keeping your blood pressure under control is another important factor in avoiding cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Becker says reducing your blood sugar is also important.

Becker says smoking is another contributing factor to cardiovascular disease, and he says you should quit.

The doctor says the bottom line is making yourself a priority.

Dr. Ryan Becker is a family medicine doctor who practices at Sanford Sheldon Clinic and Sanford Sheldon Medical Center.

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