Sanford Sheldon Health Fair To Highlight Sanford Innovations

Sheldon, Iowa — Not only is it the Sanford Sheldon Health Fair and the SCAT Supper on Monday night, May 22nd — Sanford Sheldon is also celebrating their 65th Anniversary.

The event runs from 4:30 – 7:30 pm at Northwest Iowa Community College’s Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center, and you can purchase your fundraising supper ticket from any Sheldon Ambulance Team member.

We talked with Sanford Sheldon CEO Rick Nordahl, who tells us what they’ll be showcasing at the health fair.

He says Sanford Sheldon is going to really highlight some of the things that Sanford overall does that really affect their care delivery system at Sanford Sheldon.

He says if you want to donate to the bio bank, you’ll be able to do that. Or if you just want more information, that’ll be available at the Sanford Sheldon Health Fair as well.

Nordahl tells us about screenings, another innovation, and a great opportunity for Sanford Sheldon.

Nordahl says that Sanford Sheldon providers aren’t just providing care to Sheldon area patients, but during the evening and overnight hours, they provide all virtual care to anyone who asks for a video or e-visit, anywhere in the Sanford system, whether it be in George, Iowa, Bismarck, North Dakota, Bemidji, Minnesota, or Rosebud, South Dakota.

Again, Nordahl invites everyone to join them for the Sanford Health Fair and SCAT Supper at the Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center on the Campus of Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon on Monday night, May 22nd.

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