Self Defense Workshop Held In Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — Fallout Shelter Ministries, with the support of Cain Ellsworth & Company and the LLRC offered a free self-defense workshop to well over 200 community members, young and old, on Wednesday night.

The self-defense workshop included a lecture from instructor Rich Ohm, along with videos, and hands-on training on the topics of fear management, pre-attack indicators, real violence, mindset tools, and physical practice.

Their goal was to help people of all ages use mental, physical and spiritual tactics to manage fear, gain confidence, and learn effective safety skills to help prepare everyone for the unexpected.

The difficult part of the workshop, according to Ohm, was packing eight hours of content into an hour and a half, but everyone was able to come away with the basics of the Spear System for self-defense.

If you would like more information on Fallout Shelter Ministries and the work they do, you can find them online at

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