Sheldon Middle School Science Fair Results

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Community Middle School recently held their 23rd Annual 8th Grade Science Fair. The fair involved 8th grade students designing a controlled experiment to help solve a problem or answer a question.

1st Place in the Science Fair went to Gracia Scheaffer and Alissa Van Beek for their experiment to determine how adding a supplement to a horse’s regular diet affects the particle size in the animal’s feces.

2nd Place was awarded to Trent Lane and Naomi Pena for their experiment on how the presence of music affects the time it takes an individual to complete a memory game.

Claiming 3rd Place for their experiment on how hanging hair in different conditioners affects the amount of repairing of the hair done by the conditioners, were Yasmin Ocampo and Carlie Visser.

Honorable Mention went to Charlie Barz for his experiment on how the shape of an airfoil on an airplane wing affects the height gained by the airplane if placed in a wind tunnel against a speed of air. Also receiving Honorable Mention were Reegan Fischer and Donilea Steeg for their experiment into how the acidity of a liquid in which an egg sits affects the thickness of the egg shell, Coy DeBoer and Tanner Fjeld for their project of determining how the type of diesel fuel affects the amount of emissions produced after being burned in a diesel engine. Jason Enger and Conner McDonald earned an Honorable Mention for their experiment into how the amount of gunpowder affects the diameter of a shotgun’s shot spray from 25 yards. Honorable Mention also went to Claire Krogman and Kelsey McCuddin for their project to determine how the amount of ground coffee added to soil affects the growth of a bean plant, to Clair Johnson and Maddie Olson for their work determining how the type of foam affects how well the foam will float in a pool of Chlorinated water, and to Noah Dagel and Donovan Sheriff for their project to determine how the water and air ration placed in a water bottle rocket affects the height the bottle rocket goes into the air.

The top three winners will move on to the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa competition, which will be held in Ames at Hilton Coliseum on the Iowa State University Campus this coming March.  Congratulations to all students who participated and best wishes to those moving on to the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa.  

Front Row (L-R)         Naomi Pena, Trent Lane, Yasmin Ocampo, Carlie Visser, Gracia Scheaffer, Alissa Van Beek
Middle Row (L-R) Reegan Fischer, Kelsey McCuddin, Coy DeBoer, Conner McDonald
Back Row (L-R)         Donilea Steeg, Claire Krogman, Claire Johnson, Maddie Olson, Tanner Fjeld, Jacob Enger, Charlie Bartz, Noah Dagel, Donovan Sheriff

Front Row (L-R)         Kelsey McCuddin, Katelyn Grady, Conner McDonald, Makayla Van Voorst, Lily Hazylett, Emilee Broesder, Gracia Scheaffer, Yasmin Ocampo, Carlie Visser, Alissa Van Beek
Back Row (L-R)         Claire Krogman, Claire Johnson, Elle Becker, Maddie Olson, Anthony Provost, Jacob Enger, Kyle Gesink, Kourtney Dekker

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