Sheldon Home Heavily Damaged In Fire

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon home was heavily damaged in a fire on Sunday.

Sheldon Fire 7-17-16
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Sheldon Fire Company Chief Jerry Meyer reports that about 5:26 on Sunday morning, July 17th, the Sheldon Fire Company was called to a house fire on 1111 15th Street in Sheldon.

Meyer says when they got there, heavy flames and smoke were seen coming from the roof over the main entry to the home. Firefighters attacked the fire with water mixed with firefighting foam and had it under control within minutes and then began the overhaul tearing down ceiling sheetrock and pulling out insulation, according to Meyer.

He says the fire was contained mostly to the attic and destroyed most of the attic rafters.

Firefighters were on scene for about 4 hours, and Meyer says no injuries were reported.

The home sustained considerable damage, says Meyer, but no dollar estimate of the loss is available.

He says the fire was determined to have been started by lightning, which struck a large tree in the back yard near the house.

Sanborn Firefighters also helped fight the fire. The Sheldon Community Ambulance Team, law enforcement, and the Sheldon Emergency Management Agency also assisted.

Meyer says the fire was called in by a neighbor.

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