Trooper Kurtz On National Teen Driver Safety Week

Iowa State Patrol CarNorthwest Iowa — This is National Teen Driver Safety Week, and Iowa State Trooper Vince Kurtz says this is a good time to continue your teen’s education about driving.

The trooper says that, in addition to classroom education, even enforcement of traffic laws serves to educate.

As we all know, it is unlawful in Iowa for anyone to text and drive.  Trooper Kurtz says there are even further restrictions on drivers under the age of 18.

He says that, even without the distraction of an electronic device, there are other distractions teen drivers need to avoid.  Some as simple as conversations with passengers.

Trooper Kurtz says that kids learn about driving long before they enroll in a Driver’s Education class.  He says they learn by watching their parents as they drive.  He urges parents to model proper behavior behind the wheel.  He says that, as a parent, you are setting an example for your child whether you realize it or not.  Make sure you set a good example.

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