Safety For Deer Hunters

deer portrait iowa dnrNorthwest Iowa — The bow season for deer hunting opened Thursday and Iowa Department of Natural Resources spokesman, Kevin Baskins, says they had one known injury in the first few days.  Baskins says a 42-year old man was setting up his tree stand Friday afternoon, and accidentally cut through the strap holding the tree stand in place, while he was cutting branches, and had not yet attached his safety harness.

Baskins says falls are a big issue for deer hunters in tree stands.

He says it is important for you to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in using tree stands.

Baskins says there are some basics to remember for getting into your tree stand.

He says you should also be sure to take note of the current conditions before you make the climb into the stand.

Baskins says the final thing you need to remember before you head out is to make sure somebody is aware you are on the hunt.

He says if there is an accident and no one knows you are hunting, it could take several hours before you are found.

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