Sheldon, Trinity Christian Runners Claim Top Spots at West Lyon Cross Country Meet

The Sheldon Orab girls and Trinity Christian boys were the top teams at the 2012 West Lyon cross country meet Monday. The West Lyon meet invited nine teams from three states. Here’s how the teams fared:

Team Results:


Boys Varsity
Trinity Christian-61
Lennox SD-66
Sioux Center-89
Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley-105
West Lyon-113
Hills Beaver Creek MINN-DNS


Girls Varsity
Sioux Center-68
Lennox SD-82
Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley-142
Hills Beaver Creek MINN-DNS
Trinity Christian-DNS
West Lyon-DNS


Sheldon Results:


Quinn Groff



Jacob Prado



Mark Ahlers



Chaz DeRocher



Chris Jansen



Mitchell Meyer






Shelby Bruns



Allorie Feekes



Caitlin Cain



Frannie Feekes



Brittany Van Wyk



Tori Meendering



Addison Grant



Allegra St. Clair



Lexi Ackerman



Emma Beahler



Justine Wollmuth



Rosa Gude



Sarah Cain



Kaci Kruger



Krista Bousema



Courtney Winkel



Katryna Bart



Michaela Wagner



Sibley-Ocheyedan Volleyball Invite Results from September 10th

The 2012 Sibley-Ocheyedan invite was held Monday night featuring Sibley-Ocheyedan, Boyden-Hull, Graettinger-Terril, Okoboji and Remsen St. Mary’s. Here are the results from the invite:

Boyden-Hull 21-18-15, Harris-Lake Park 14-21-8
Boyden-Hull 21-21, Sibley-Ocheyedan 15-15
Boyden-Hull 21-21, St. Mary’s, Remsen 14-8

Harris-Lake Park 20-21-15, St. Mary’s, Remsen 22-11-9
Harris-Lake Park 21-18-15, Okoboji 18-21-9

Okoboji 21-21, Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire 8-0

Sibley-Ocheyedan 20-21-15, Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire 22-11-8
Sibley-Ocheyedan 21-21, Okoboji 10-11

High School Volleyball Recap from Saturday, September 8th

Area high school volleyball teams participated in tournaments all over northwest Iowa on Saturday. The Sheldon Orabs were victorious in Rock Rapids taking the 2012 Central Lyon tournament and in the process, improving their season record to 10-4. Here’s the breakdown from the are tournaments:

Central Lyon Tournament:

Sheldon 21-21, Boyden-Hull 15-16
Sheldon 21-21, Central Lyon, Rock Rapids 15-16
Sheldon 21-21, Ellsworth MN 8-7
Sheldon 21-21, Hills Beaver Creek 8-9

Boyden-Hull 13-21-15, Sheldon 21-16-13
Boyden-Hull 16-21-15, George-Little Rock 21-13-8
Boyden-Hull 21-21, Ellsworth 13-8
Boyden-Hull 21-21, Hills Beaver-Creek 8-14

Central Lyon, Rock Rapids 21-17-16, George-Little Rock 14-21-14


MOC-Floyd Valley Tournament:

Bishop Heelan, Sioux City 18-21-15, MOC-Floyd Valley 21-14-12
Bishop Heelan, Sioux City 18-21-16, Unity Christian 21-15-14
Bishop Heelan, Sioux City 21-21, Sioux Center 16-14
Bishop Heelan, Sioux City 22-21, Rock Valley 20-8

MOC-Floyd Valley 21-21, Rock Valley 12-14
MOC-Floyd Valley 21-21, Sioux Center 18-16
MOC-Floyd Valley 21-21, Unity Christian 18-19

Sioux Center 21-11-15, MOC-Floyd Valley 17-21-9
Sioux Center 21-16-16, Unity Christian 16-21-14
Sioux Center 21-21, Rock Valley 12-17

Western Christian 21-21, Bishop Heelan, Sioux City 11-14
Western Christian 21-21, Bishop Heelan, Sioux City 17-9
Western Christian 21-21, Rock Valley 13-17
Western Christian 21-21, Sioux Center 8-10
Western Christian 21-21, Unity Christian 17-9
Western Christian 26-21, MOC-Floyd Valley 24-16

Unity Christian 21-21, Rock Valley 11-7


Le Mars Tournament:

LeMars 21-18-15, South O’Brien 11-21-6
LeMars 21-21, Sioux City, West 9-7
LeMars 21-21, Spalding Catholic 8-15
LeMars Gehlen Catholic 21-21, Kingsley-Pierson 10-10
LeMars Gehlen Catholic 21-21, Lawton-Bronson 4-16
LeMars Gehlen Catholic 21-21, South O’Brien 11-11

Hinton 21-21, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 11-11

Kingsley-Pierson 21-21, Sioux City, West 0-0
Kingsley-Pierson 22-21, River Valley 20-8

Lawton-Bronson 21-21, Kingsley-Pierson 13-17

Sergeant Bluff-Luton 21-21, Kingsley-Pierson 6-15
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 21-21, Lawton-Bronson 17-18
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 21-21, LeMars 18-18
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 21-21, LeMars Gehlen Catholic 18-18

South O’Brien 21-21, Sioux City, West 12-18
South O’Brien 21-21, Spalding Catholic 17-10

Spalding Catholic 16-21-15, Lawton-Bronson 21-19-12
Spalding Catholic 21-19-15, Woodbury Central 17-21-4
Spalding Catholic 21-21, Sioux City, West 14-14


Spirit Lake Tournament:

Harris-Lake Park 19-21-15, North Union 21-16-6
Harris-Lake Park 21-16-15, Sibley-Ocheyedan 14-21-11
Harris-Lake Park 21-21, Okoboji 19-15

Okoboji 19-21-15, Estherville Lincoln Central 21-18-11

Sibley-Ocheyedan 21-14-15, Okoboji 18-21-10
Sibley-Ocheyedan 21-21, Estherville Lincoln Central 13-7
Sibley-Ocheyedan 21-21, Spirit Lake 14-17

Estherville Lincoln Central 21-18-15, Harris-Lake Park 10-21-11
Estherville Lincoln Central 21-21, Spirit Lake 17-16
Estherville Lincoln Central 21-25, North Union 18-23

Spirit Lake 13-21-15, Harris-Lake Park 21-15-8
Spirit Lake 21-16-17, Okoboji 19-21-15

North Union 21-10-15, Spirit Lake 17-21-9
North Union 21-21, Sibley-Ocheyedan 12-15
North Union 21-22, Okoboji 13-20

Sports Schedule For Monday 9/10/12

A limited sports schedule for Monday is highlighted by the annual West Lyon cross country meet. The runners will encounter a number of surfaces on the Lake Pajoa Course.

Cross Country

Sheldon, BHRV, G-LR-CL, HMS, Hills Beaver Creek MN, Lennox SD, Okoboji and Trinity at West Lyon


Boyden Hull, Graettinger Terril, Harris Lake Park, Okoboji and Remsen St Mary’s at the Sibley Ocheyedan invite


Best Fishing Early Morning And Late Evening At Spirit Lake

Storm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)

Water levels are very low at Storm Lake.  Boaters must use extreme caution when boating at high speeds.  Channel Catfish – Slow: A few channel cats are being picked up.  White Bass – Fair: Anglers are catching some white bass from the east shore.  The bites come in waves as the schools move through.

Little Sioux River (Correctionville to Missouri River)

The Little Sioux River has low water.  Fishing is slow, but some smaller channel catfish are being picked up using nightcrawlers.

Water temperatures have risen slightly compared to last week.  Water levels continue to drop at most lakes.

Big Spirit Lake

Fishing has been slow with the best action coming early in the morning and late in the evening. White Bass – Good: If action is what you are looking for then look no further when a school of white bass is located the fishing can be fast and furious.  Try plastics like twister tails and shad on a lead head, top water may also be good at dawn and dusk.  Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Rock piles continue to shine for smallmouth but don’t overlook nearby weed lines.   Yellow Perch – Slow: Once an active school of perch is located the fishing can be good but locating numbers seems to be difficult.  The two main areas are in or near the weeds or on the mudflats but they may be found in transition areas between depending on the day. Try wigglers on a jigging spoon and don’t be surprised to pick up some bonus bluegill or walleye.   Walleye – Slow: With the warm conditions this past week the fishing was slow but a few fish can still be caught.  Try trolling crankbaits and spinners near bottom or fishing around the weed lines. Live bait rigs have not been as effective as they were earlier this year but a few fish may be picked up on Lindy rigs.


West Okoboji Lake

Northern Pike – Fair: Try fishing buck tails or spoons around weed lines or holes in the weed beds.  Bluegill – Fair: Look for bluegills around weed edges and on rock piles. Use red worms and wigglers either on a jigging spoon or under a slip bobber.  Yellow Perch – Fair: Try fishing on the drop offs and don’t be afraid to move around to locate a school of bigger fish as there are many small ones.  Fishing 8-15 feet of water using jigging spoons with wigglers has been bringing some results.


Lost Island Lake

Yellow bass and bluegill fishing has been decent with good sized yellow bass leading the way.

For more information on fishing in northwest Iowa, call the Spirit Lake Hatchery at 712-336-1840.

Friday Football Scores From Friday 9/7/12

For most area football teams it was opening night for district play friday night. The match of the night came in a Class A battle of state ranked teams that saw Hinton knock off West Lyon 28-12.


CLASS 2A: District 1

Sheldon 35, Unity Christian, Orange City 0
Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 42, Sioux Center 0
Central Lyon/George-Little Rock 56, Cherokee, Washington 0
MOC-Floyd Valley 24, Western Christian, Hull 3 (ND)



CLASS 1A: District 1

Emmetsburg 59, North Union 6
Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 56, Okoboji, Milford 0
South O’Brien, Paullina 35, Gehlen Catholic, LeMars 7

CLASS A: District 1

Hinton 28, West Lyon, Inwood 12
Lawton-Bronson 50, West Sioux, Hawarden 7
Alta/Aurelia 14, Sibley-Ocheyedan 0

CLASS 8: District 1

Harris-Lake Park 44, Remsen-Union 40
Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn 56, St. Mary’s, Remsen 14
River Valley, Correctionville 56, Kingsley-Pierson 33
Whiting 48, Clay Central-Everly 28

CLASS 3A: District 2

Denison-Schleswig 29, Carroll 28
LeMars 55, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 20
Spencer 36, Storm Lake 13