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Icy Roads

Date posted - December 16, 2013

Why is it that the plows don’t go out until the roads are already packed with snow? The clearing of the roads in town are ridiculous at best!! How many more accidents have to happen before we realize that this is a big safety hazard?!

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11 Responses to “Icy Roads”

  1. 3 pointer says:

    I happen to think Sheldon street crews do a good job clearing city streets after a snow.

    • farmer says:

      drive by rosenbooms if u think they are so great

    • Rainbow says:

      I too think that the roads being taken care of with winter conditions is very well done. We live in Iowa, you will not have 100 percent clear roads when there is winter weather. Use common sense and drive slower. If it is too bad to drive stay home. There is a lot about Sheldon I do not care for but our street and water dept. really do deserve a word of thanks.

  2. Ashshade says:

    Sioux county guys can’t go out until 7 AM (I think that’s the time), union contract says so. Yea for unions!!!!

    • NWIA Resident says:

      But yet, if we end up in a ditch, we get a ticket for failure to maintain control, right? How about going after the county for failure to maintain the roads? Only fair right?

  3. Meets says:

    Talk to the city. They do there jobs. I have seen them past my
    house at 3 am. I also think they have a minimum amount to go do. Think of fuel, fixing, OT pay, they have a budget and need to keep things within scope. Over all I think they do a decent job. Accidents…let see the reports here from town alone due to bad roads. Not driver error, etc.

    • Lee Ann says:

      I’m fairly new here, compared to the long time residents. I’ve been here for 10 years. And while I don’t like to drive out on the highway during a snowstorm, I’ve never had a problem in town. I’ve worked for most of those years, getting up early, coming home late and never had a problem anywhere. I think they do a great job. They drive by my house several times in the night, plowing. Then I see them during the day plowing the alleys and side streets.

  4. Timmy says:

    The reason the snowplows don’t go out until later is because they wait until the snow is finished falling. If they didn’t wait they would have to out again which would in turn cost more money. SO think about it this way, while it may seem silly they are actually saving you money. And no, they don’t have a union, but nice try on blaming it on something you know nothing about!

    • Ashshade says:

      I don’t know who you are talking to but yes they have a union. Sheldon and Sioux County both have unions. I’m not sure about O’brien Co. but most do have unions. My local town is out by 3 or 4 am if it’s snowing or not so people can get to work. Sioux county, well not until everyone is at work, union says so.

      I do know what I’m talking about. I got this from the horses mouth.

      Check your facts Timmy.

  5. Old wrestler says:

    Saving us money but yet if there is an accident due to the roads not being cleared then they actually caused someone to have more money spent for the repairs to their vehicle, higher insurance rates, and possibly hospital bills but hey so long as they saved me a few bucks on the costs in the city I won’t mind. Hopefully saving the city that few bucks won’t ever cause someone to lose a family member in an accident cause we all know saving that money is more important then a life.

  6. Lee Ann says:

    I grew up in Colorado. Colorado front range cities get only 3 or 4 big snowstorms per year, mostly in the spring. Colorado cities don’t believe it is cost effective to have a lot of snow plows, because they would sit idle most of the time. So most cities just wait until it melts (a few days later). Everybody is stuck at home, or at work, and waits until it melts enough to get home.

    Federico Pena (Denver Mayor for several years) ran his candidacy on the fact that he could keep the streets clear of snow during these few snowstorms. His answer was to get all the big trucks, and garbage trucks to “flatten down” the snow so hopefully people can get around. lol. His promises didn’t work very well. He then left Colorado to be on President Bush’s cabinet, I believe.

    I am delighted with the quality of snow removal in Sheldon. For the amount of snow we have here, the roads are very clear, quickly. Especially compared to the cities I grew up in. Kudos to all the city workers that show us it can get done fairly quickly, even in a small town.

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