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Date posted - July 9, 2014

Listening to the radio today and hearing that the community needs help to beautify the park etc for the coming bike riders. I’ll leaned hand. So I walked to the park today , what a mess. Weeds everywhere. Ball field track area, the wood mulch area, around the shelter houses,I could barely see the sign on the west side of the park, bushes need trimmed, low branches need cut off, weeds in parking lot need trimmed down and sprayed etc. I think we need to hire someone to get this done to a professional level, not a bunch of weekend warriors listening to some committee person about what needs to be done. We have tools, trimmers, gas, spray, trucks, trailers? Also city says there not picking up branches but what about the the corner house across from kamies plumbing….city going to make an exception or bill the owner. Well good luck, I’ll bring gloves and bug spray

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13 Responses to “Ragbrai”

  1. Hmmmm.... says:

    I’m all for volunteering and helping out, but isn’t this something that should be maintained by the city on a regular basis?

  2. walt says:

    Prompted by your observations about the city park I went to see it for myself.
    While what you observed might have been the case several days ago from what I saw today the park looks pretty darn good plus the branches across from Kamies are gone.

  3. Kendall says:

    I’m old and live in a nursing home, but I would help if I was able. I did talk to a landscaper friend of mine the other day who said he would like to help out the city with cleaning up, but because the rain this summer has kept the grass growing so fast he can’t keep up with the paying customers, that he works hard to keep happy. Keeping them happy means doing a quality job every time, not just to land an account and then let the quality slip. He had contemplated trying to land some government contracts, however there seems to be way too much competition in landing local tax payer paid jobs for it to be feasible. Have a nice summer everyone, maybe the sidewalk scooping can be contracted out when the weather turns cold.

  4. Sue says:

    I too have noticed the same problems! I like to take my kids to the city park and hills park to play but they are both always a disgusting mess! Garbage everywhere, cans, wrappers, broken glass, etc. We always pick up what we can but its such a bummer that our nice family community can’t keep clean at all!

  5. Out of town Movie Goer says:

    What about the weeds and thistles on the west side of Main Street 3 Theater? Took the grandkids to a movie Saturday night. Got out of the car on the passenger side, and nothing but weeds and thistles around a utility box. Got in the movie had 6 mosquito bites. All that downtown beautification and Weeds, weeds weeds.

    • tom says:

      Out of town Movie Goer:

      Those of us here at KIWA are also disappointed by the situation you describe, involving our next door neighbor to the west. I have visited with our manager, who has been in contact with both the theater manager, and the property owners, about the weed situation. Sadly, thus far our concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

      • yardman says:

        Even the area betweein the theater and Kiwa doesn’t look very good either. Not sure who owns what there but sure dont look good for either building

  6. Judy says:

    I felt the same way about a neighbor of mine. I stood at my kitchen window tsk, tsking about the way their yard looked wondering when they were going to mow. Then it dawned on me that I could be neighborly and mow it for them rather than stewing about it. So, I mowed their lawn and have been taking turns with another neighbor ever since. They have a hard time doing it themselves and can’t rely on family. I know we’re talking about businesses here, but, if everyone pitched in … see what I’m saying? I think it’s called paying it forward.

  7. Outoftheblue says:

    The last time I was at the part I was a little surprised by how high the grass was, but I also knew that MY own grass was a bit high because on the days I could mow it the weather wasn’t cooperating. If you want the grass mowed every other day at the park then you best not complain about an increase in taxes. Yes, there is a connection. You all seem to want something for free, but in the end, are you willing to pay more in taxes? If so, wonderful! Sheldon can be the best maintained city in the area then. Overall, I would say the city crews do a GREAT job with the staff they have.

    If there are weeds on the property between KIWA Radio and the movie theater I would bet it is probably the responsibility of the property owner. I don’t know about the other side of the building, but it could also be the same.

    As for the mosquitoes.. It is JULY in IOWA… what do you expect?

  8. Jcs says:

    Whoo, Ragbrai has come and gone and from my limited time around the park and Sheldon
    in general, all I can say is WOW! Sheldon has some GREAT volunteers. This thing appeared
    to be running like a Swiss watch. I’m sure someone is upset because they had to wait but
    from the outside looking in it was a job well done. Thank you for all of your efforts,volunteers.

  9. Out of town Movie Goer says:

    The point I was making about the mosquito bites is WEEDS and WATER make a great habitat for the mosquitoes. If I wouldn’t have walked in a weed patch prob wouldn’t have gotten the mosquito bites.

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