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Sheldon Home Show

Date posted - March 31, 2014

I was very disappointed with the Sheldon Home Show. Not so much with the booths but with the vendor’s themselves! You have 10 seconds to make a good first impression and 99% of You failed. You all were to busy on your cells talking/texting or talking with the vendor at the next booth. Congrats to Touch of Hope we witness great interaction with potential customers! Shame on the rest of You for failing to recognize potential customer I just may look outside of Sheldon for what I was looking for!



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17 Responses to “Sheldon Home Show”

  1. Jan says:

    I no longer attend the Sheldon Home Show. I don’t like it out at the college. Not much parking and some of the vendors are not friendly. It was much better at the High School!!! I attended the first year it was at the college….I won’t go back as long it is out of town. I think Sheldon needs to think about putting back at the High School.

  2. Biker says:

    Home show…..while agree I do not like it out at NCC for a few reasons: Seems to small and you limit the venders. If you have a membership there you just limited me, my family and countless others out of friday night and most the day saturday. I understand there are limits to what can be displayed. I also understand in comparison to other community home shows Sheldon charges the most with the least amount of space… accommadate NCC track/court area. The parking…seriously you can park all the way to building A…sure you may have to walk but whats the difference if at High school you walked from the football field area of parking. Also having new SCDC people in the offic I think things went well but from what I heard Friday night set-up was abit of a hassle for some venders as the people in charged seemed a little razzeled. In regards to Deb who started this ……I cant beleive your last sentence where you state: “Shame on the rest of You for failing to recognize potential customer I just may look outside of Sheldon for what I was looking for!” Whatever you were looking for did you go up to that vender and make yourself known? If that vendor ignored you, sat on phone or you were not happy with the responce…well yes I can understand your reasoning but I still come back to that last statement you made. That is why sheldon does not and continues to have problems supporting “local” businesses. By “local” I mean sheldon business owners…not sioux center, OC, Rock Vally Sibley…yes they are local but not local sheldon owners. MAybe if others comment on here about this or that and I understand or see there point of view maybe I may change mine a bit but be happy sheldon has a home show to attend and show case the talents of many businesses here in town.

    • Deb says:

      Yes I did start trying to talk to them. The gentleman, using the term loosely, looked in another direction and the other person greeted their neighbourhood neighbour cutting me off! A lot of times business in Sheldon makes one feel unless your a “name” in this town or have money the rest of you do not matter as much. Small town Iowa, gotta love it!

  3. Country Girl says:

    Just a note… many of the businesses represented there were out of town businesses. I also agree that it isn’t as good as it once was. As for the comment about failing to recognize potential customers, well, I for one do not like pushy sales people, so don’t really care for it when they ‘grab’ you into their area and start trying to push something on you that you really don’t want or need. If I have an interest, I will stop and ask. We were well received at all the booths where we did that and our questions were graciously answered.

  4. up north gal says:

    I liked the show. Yes, Touch of Hope booth was most friendly but so were many others. I was greeted my some businesses where the person stepped out of their booth to greet and offer a gift with a smile! I also found things I will return to business to purchase. Whenever I asked questions they were more than happy to answer them and more. I was pleased with the show. To bad though that one has to be present for the whole show to win a prize give-a-way. Who can stay all day. Guess I missed my prize. Not nice.

  5. 38 y/o sheldon native says:

    Well if you went to the home show to do your shopping and we’re disappointed, you should be. The home show in my opinion is nothing more than a public relations event. Most of the attendees only show up to receive their bag of free items and BS with people they know. If you are serious about buying locally do your research and visit the establishments to speak with the experts.

  6. Meets says:

    Home show is cheap advertisement for the businesses. Some p r work. I think of it as an early trick or treat event. Amazes me all the free stuff that people just take on the sneak when really your being watched by everyone. Candy bars, pens, rulers, etc. take one, not a Hand full. Ncc I don’t think is the place for the show. I believe the high school was a better option. I whole heartily believe in supporting local business here in sheldon which is also a purpose of the show but not always the case when you see the work being done in sheldon by out of town crews.

    • Dan says:

      I was at the home show all day and saw many venders trying to talk to potential customers and were very interactive with them. I am pleased that many business owners in sheldon and surrounding area feel excited about the products and services they try to sell to local customers. It has been my experience that local business’s in sheldon will work with customers and try to find the right product for them and provide themselves by providing good customer service and at the right price. Residents should know that business will work with them and try to keep them in town any way possible so our community can grow and prosper, and that if you give local businesses a chance, they will try to fulfill your need/desire anyway possible. That was evident to me at the home show. Those who have comments about every business owner not being interest in potential customers at the home show either had a small sample size or are unfairly lumping many people into a category that quite frankly is not accurate to what actually happens at the Sheldon home show.

  7. Derp says:

    Local businesses don’t need the home show anymore. The bump outs will have the customers flocking to downtown Sheldon.

  8. up north gal says:

    To bad those of us who attended the home show, did our shopping, and had our questions answered are now bombarded with the fast talking” business” vendors who were just a front(register to win) to try to get into your homes to sell 3 or 4 different things that were not even displayed at their booth. These people are also from out of town. No one likes these types of calls or sales people. They give the home show a bad name.

    • me again says:

      I agree – If I am interested in a product at the table I will approach the vendor. Otherwise just let me browse. I will get the vendors attention if I am interested.For the above reason I do not sign up for doorprizes and that is my choice even with the nicest of vendors. However, I will admit that it is fun to go for the samples,hotdogs,popcorn and socialization :) Either way its a free venue. Win-Win – Take from it what you want.

  9. LLRC blues says:

    As an avid LLRC user & member, it’s disappointing how much the city is using this facility for so many things. All winter we look for a place to let off steam but every time we turn around we are getting an email about why the track or courts are closed to us. It’s tied up for all kinds of dates for city soccer & basketball games/practices–mostly for the little kids. Then it’s the home show, then the sportsman banquet etc. etc. It’s getting very old. Of course when it’s nice out & everyone wants to be outdoors the LLRC isn’t tied up with all these things. I sure hope they start using this new elementary gym for some of that stuff –especially the little kids & leave some Saturdays in the dead of winter for us members to use. Put the home show back at the high school so we can have at least one Saturday back.

    • George says:

      I concur!!!!!

    • Sheldon parent says:

      It’s very, very rare for the track to be closed at all. With kids’ soccer and basketball going on you are still able to use the treadmills, ellipticalls, weight room, locker rooms, track, and stationary bikes. What else do you want? Are you honestly wanting to play basketball at 9:00 AM every Saturday morning? Because that is the only thing that the “little kids” are preventing you from doing. I suppose you’d probably rather have those pesky kids sitting on the couch all weekend playing video games and eating Twinkies. As far as the kids go, I pay a membership for both my seven year old son and myself, so he has just as much right to be there as you.

      This is what the LLRC was designed for: an affordable opportunity for fitness equipment, community sports leagues, wellness programs, etc. The problem comes when people get their noses in the air and think it was meant strictly to be a senior citizen walking track. Kudos to those seniors out there getting exercise, but just because you pay a membership doesn’t mean it has to work around your personal schedule. If it’s still not appealing to you feel free to go to the Courtyard for 3 times the money and get the overcrowding, fewer treadmills and machines, older equipment, and the arrogant attitudes. And by the way, you wouldn’t have your track there, either.

      • LLRC blues says:

        Seriously? Those programs are great! But there are other gyms available in town to use. Soon the elementary gym will be of use. Yes, all those things are there but with people standing all over the track & kids playing on the equipment, coats everywhere & balls flying all over -it makes it difficult for members to enjoy. We are always having to tell people to move off the track or tell kids to get off the equipment. We are always watching our backs for flying balls or so they don’t hit the equipment we are on. You must be blind if you do not see this or you are one of the parents that just let their kids run all over & leave it to others to monitor them? Maybe you are one if the 2 parents that actually monitor your own child. A big thank you for that if you are.
        It would be fine if it were a few weeks but for months upon months gets really old.
        No, I don’t want to play basketball…but other members & their families as well. Not to mention the NCC students, which is why it was originally built for. And yes, I am there everyday & they are shoot baskets at 9 am. It’s all the other stuff that goes on, mentioned above, that really makes it hard for us to use the LLRC when these things are going on. It would be nice if they limited how much the city is able to use the facility. They seem to take it over at least one night a week & several months of Saturdays in the winter. Move the home show back to the the high school. Move the banquet to the nice community room on top floor of the city office building- rarely gets used anyway. There are other places to hold these things so that we don’t have to give up every Saturday of working out.

  10. Biker says:

    Yes the court yard caters to there own cliental. Don’t we all. Myself I use the llrc. For me and my family I too get frustrated with all the time that is spent with outside activities ….sure city has leagues but when I was younger, high school, middle school, armory were all used. Not the focal point if the llrc….sure we want to put on a good image but I pay to go to the llrc…..there have been many nights we show up as a family and there is adult basketball, soccer, yet nothing on go at the other local gyms in town. Can’t wait for the new baseball, soccer fields to be built, the city park will be all to ourselves. I feel your pain to llrc blues,

  11. Weak Mind says:

    Didn’t the city invest some Tax Dollars in the LLRC?

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