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High gas prices have Washington full of “answers”

IARN — You don’t have to go far to see what oil companies hope you will accept as the new normal. Gas prices are up around $4 a gallon in Iowa, and higher on the coasts. It is hitting everyone in the wallets. It affects all of our budgets in different ways, but mostly negatively. With complaints hitting our representation in Washington, our elected officials seem to have all kinds of ideas on how to fix the problem.

The average gas price in the country is up around $4.60. Diesel is at least a dollar higher. In an election year, it has lawmakers even more nervous that their constituents will revolt at the ballot box.

Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso says that President Biden has multiple options available to alleviate the situation. He just needs to pick one.

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High Gas Prices (IARN Stock Photo)

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