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Rail companies are working to reduce delays

IARN — When we talk about our supply chain issues and how it pertains to railroads, I sometimes feel like I am watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and listening to Sir Topham Hatt complaining about the horrors of confusion and delay. That old boy would be at his wits’ end if we were running things right now. Or, on the flip side, maybe we could use him to get those engines running on time.

However you want to slice it, there is something that needs to be done to address this portion of shipping issues, and railroads are talking about what the Surface Transportation Board (STB) is wanting from them, and how they are working to alleviate the situation.

The STB announced that all seven class 1 railroads will be expected to send progress reports on their service, operations, and employment to the STB so they can monitor the issues facing rail shipping.

Angela Caddell is Group Vice President of Agricultural Products for Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF). She talks about the challenges facing not only their company but also railways across the country.
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