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South American weather and crop update (3-9-2021)

IARN — Weather patterns in South America haven’t shown much change week-to-week.

In this week’s South American weather and crop update on the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, Allendale commodities broker Greg McBride says dry conditions have been occurring in southern Brazil and northern Argentina, while northern Brazil continues to deal with a slow soybean harvest because of frequent rain showers.

“The 1-5 day forecast is wet in northern Brazil, and dry in southern Brazil and northern Argentina,” McBride said. “The 6-10 day actually does add some rain across the whole continent of South America. That looks good for southern Brazil and northern Argentina and obviously still an issue for harvest for the northern tier of Brazil.”

McBride says both the Brazilian soybean harvest and double crop planting remain well behind the usual pace.

“We’re sitting at 34 percent harvested for Brazil,” McBride said. “Typically, we’re about halfway at 49 percent or so. On the safrinha (corn) crop, they are moving along a little bit. Mato Grosso is the only number I’ve seen total so far. They are still well behind, about 30 percent, where they would normally be at this time of the year.”

McBride adds the U.S. continues to have hope that we’ll continue to see demand coming into the country for corn and soybeans.

“The numbers have not necessarily shown that on the 8 a.m. sales or the weekly reports, but sometimes that stuff is delayed as well,” McBride said. “This coming Thursday when we get our most recent update, that should be able to show us that the soybean demand is still prevalent for us.”

Story courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

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