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Wyffels Hybrids is ready to face any challenges 2022 offers

IARN — Farming isn’t easy. I think we can all pretty well agree on that. You have to have the right seeds, the right crop protection, and the right conditions. Many of those conditions are out of our control. Mother Nature is moody, and she doesn’t tell us what she plans to do on any given day, the best we can do is estimate based on the data available.

As we have said many times, your growing season starts with selecting the right seeds. Providing those seeds is no easy task either. Companies need to find varieties that can work in certain areas. They must be drought-tolerant as well as be able to stand up to high moisture conditions. Not only that, but they also must be able to handle disease and insect pressure as well. And that is only a part of what seed companies have to do. They also need to have options available for those who want to plant organic or conventional breeds as well.

So, you need to have a seed producer who has the experience and knows their customer area well. That is why Wyffels Hybrids is certain they will continue their tradition of producing the best seed product for the corn belt, because that is all they do, and they do it well.

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