Scott Van Aartsen

Governor Says Documentation Will Justify Use Of Federal Relief Funds On Salaries

Des Moines, Iowa — Governor Kim Reynolds says they are getting the documentation together to provide justification for spending 450-thousand dollars of federal COVID relief funding on staff salaries last spring.

Reynolds is a Republican and Democrat State Auditor Rob Sand released a report last week accusing her of improperly using the funds. Reynolds says they had to be sure the state had all the ventilators, supplies, and tests needed, and that took all of their time.

Reynolds says most governors and their staff were doing the same thing across the country as the pandemic took hold.

Auditor Sand accused the governor of trying to hide the use of the money because it wasn’t listed as an individual department expense for the employees who worked on her team.

The governor says all the supporting information will soon be ready soon to send to federal officials to verify the use of the funding.

Iowa Medical Marijuana Numbers Way Up

Statewide Iowa — The number of people who have gotten cards to be eligible for medical marijuana has gone way up. Program Bureau Chief, Owen Parker, spoke about the numbers at the recent meeting of the board which oversees the program.

He says an increase in the number of practitioners who can prescribe medical marijuana, new products, and the new T-H-C limit have all contributed.

Vaporized products began selling in August of 2019, and were nearly 51-percent of sales in 2020. Products with a high T-H-C level made up nearly 65 percent of sales. Parker says the increase in patients has led to an increase in sales.

Parker said they also had been down two dispensaries — but the new Iowa City dispensary opened in October — which is also part of the increase in sales. Another new dispensary will open soon.