Iowa State Bank To Acquire Melvin Savings Bank

Orange City, Iowa (OCBTC) — Vogel Bancshares, Inc operating as Iowa State Bank, has announced that they have entered into an agreement under which Vogel Bancshares, Inc Will acquire Melvin Savings Bank from Benz Holding Co. Melvin Savings Bank will be merged with and into Iowa State Bank. Read more

USDA announces breakthrough for ASF vaccine candidate

IARN — The Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday announced that an African Swine Fever Virus vaccine candidate has been adapted to grow in a cell line. The announcement means those involved in vaccine production will no longer have to rely on live pigs and fresh cells for vaccine production. The discovery overcomes one of the major challenges for manufacturing of an African Swine Fever Virus vaccine. The newly developed vaccine, grown in a continuous cell line — which means immortalized cells that divide continuously or otherwise indefinitely — has the same characteristics as the original vaccine produced with fresh swine cells. Read more