Fire Totals Car, Damages Garage In Sibley

Sibley, Iowa– A car was totaled and a garage was damaged in a fire on Thursday, December 28, 2017 in Sibley.

According to Sibley Fire Chief Ken Huls, about 10:10 a.m., the Sibley Fire Department was called to the report of a car on fire at 917 Second Avenue West in Sibley.

The chief says the fire department saw a car fully-engulfed in fire under its hood and the outside of the garage on fire as they approached the scene. He says they used water to fight the fire. He says the 2000 Buick was on fire from the windshield forward, but they were able to save the rest of the car. But Huls says the car was only three feet from the one-stall detached garage. He says the fire extended into the upper portion of the garage. He says while it is damaged, he thinks it is repairable. He says their quick response probably saved the garage and the house, which was also nearby.

Huls says no injuries were reported. He says they had initially asked for help from the Ashton Fire Department but told them they could disregard as they had the fire under control.

He says the cause of the fire appeared to be mechanical in nature. The victim told Huls that she had just turned the key to start the vehicle and heard a loud “poof” and the car started on fire, and that’s when she called 911.

Chief Huls reports that the car was probably totaled.

He says they used about 600 gallons of water to fight the fire, and the approximately 10 firefighters who responded were on scene for about a half hour.


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