Five Agencies Teaming Up For Northwest Iowa Special Traffic Enforcement On Friday

Northwest Iowa — Five area law enforcement agencies are teaming up for a special traffic enforcement effort this Friday, September 20th in northwest Iowa.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Nick Erdmann tells us where the idea came from.

He says there aren’t any particular problems that they’re trying to address except the usual — don’t drive distracted, don’t drink and drive, wear your seatbelt, and slow down.

According to Erdmann, the increased visibility helps them. Plus, he says, it’s enjoyable for the officers as well.

We asked him if it might be better not to announce their intentions.

Trooper Erdmann says if you do happen to see a traffic stop, please move over if possible, but at least slow down for them.

He tells us troopers, deputies, and officers will be out in force on Friday through all hours of the day. They will be utilizing both marked and unmarked vehicles as well as an aircraft for enforcement. There will also be an enhanced focus on commercial motor vehicle enforcement.


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