Hartley Man Accused Of Pointing A Handgun At Another Man

Hartley, Iowa — A 50-year-old Hartley man is in hot water after allegedly pointing a firearm at another individual.

According to court records, law enforcement received a report that 50-year-old Richard Crist had allegedly pointed a handgun at the victim’s face.

Court records indicate the victim told authorities that Crist drove up to a Hartley residence where the victim was located, and told him to come to Crist’s truck.  According to court records, once the victim was at the truck’s window, Crist is accused of pulling a small black pistol from his center console and holding it almost point blank to the victim’s face.

According to the court records, the victim told officers that Crist was upset with him for returning to Hartley after Crist had told him to stay out of town. Court records say that once Crist allegedly pointed the gun at the victim, the victim backed away from Crist’s truck, telling Crist that he would leave town, at which point Crist is reported to have driven away.

Authorities say an O’Brien County Deputy located Crist while a Hartley Police Officer was speaking to the alleged victim. Court records say Crist denied to the Deputy that he owned a pistol. According to court records, the Deputy informed Crist why he was talking to him, and sometime later Crist reportedly showed the Deputy and the Hartley Officer where he had hidden the handgun.

Crist is charged with Assault While Displaying a Dangerous Weapon, which is an Aggravated Misdemeanor. If Crist is convicted he could face up to two years in jail and a fine of up to $6,250, according to the Iowa Code.

O’Brien County Jail Booking Photo


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