Hospers Man Charged In Sheldon Gun Store Burglary

Sheldon, Iowa — A 20-year-old Hospers man has been arrested and charged in connection with a burglary and theft from a Sheldon gun store.

Court records indicate that Austin Richard Jager is accused of 2nd Degree Burglary and 5th Degree theft after allegedly entering Den Hartog Firearms and making off with a 20 gauge shotgun and two boxes of ammunition. The alleged crime happened April 1st of this year, while the store was closed.

According to online court records, the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office filed criminal charges this past Friday, October 23rd, and a warrant for Jager’s arrest on the charges was issued on October 27th. Jager was then arrested on the warrant on Wednesday. 2nd Degree Burglary is a Class C Felony, and 5th Degree Theft is a simple misdemeanor.

Jager is scheduled for a Preliminary Hearing in the case on November 11th.


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