UPDATE: Reason For False Fire Alarm At St. Pat’s School A Mystery

Sheldon, Iowa — Since the Sheldon Fire Company was called to St. Patrick’s School on Tuesday evening of this week, responding to what turned out to be a tripped pull station in the school’s alarm system, they have been called back to the school twice more for additional false alarms.

Sheldon Assistant Fire Chief Randy Harms says fire crews were dispatched to the school twice on Thursday for what turned out to be two more false alarms.

Harms tells KIWA that St. Patrick’s is scheduled to have a service man from their alarm company in the school today (Friday), to find the problem with the system, and repair it.


Original story posted 11:13am, 3/21/2018

Sheldon, Iowa — How a fire alarm pull station got tripped at St. Patrick’s School in Sheldon Tuesday night remains a mystery, according to Assistant Sheldon Fire Chief Randy Harms.

Sheldon firefighters were alerted to the alarm by the alarm company that monitors the school’s alarm system, and fire crews were dispatched to the school around 7:10 Tuesday evening.

Harms tellls KIWA that firefighters found no fire, but discovered that a pull station had been tripped, setting off the alarm. Harms says the only person in the school at the time of the alarm was a cleaning person who reportedly didn’t think they had been cleaning near the pull station Tuesday.

Harms says officials have no idea how the pull station was activated. He says the fire department reset the pull station and returned to the Sheldon Fire Station.