Sanborn Fire Department Paged To “House Fire”

Sanborn, Iowa — The Sanborn fire department was called out on Thursday morning to the report of a house fire.

Sanborn Fire Chief Randy Lyman tells us it was called in about 10:00 a.m. and was at 410 West 5th Street in Sanborn. He says the homeowner had come home from a multiple-day trip to find a smell of smoke in the house. He says they found the smoke to be coming from upstairs but when they got upstairs they couldn’t see anything due to all the smoke, so the fire department was called.

Lyman says when firefighters arrived they found that the smoke was coming from a window air conditioner. He says he thinks an extension cord may be to blame, as the damage started on the cord on the floor and worked its way to the wall where the air conditioner was.

He says most of the damage is in the form of heat and smoke damage in the upstairs of the home.

Lyman tells us that firefighters were on the scene for about an hour and fifteen minutes.


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