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Machine Shed Severely Damaged In Saturday Blaze

Sheldon, Iowa — A machine shed on a rural Sheldon farm was severely damaged in a Saturday afternoon blaze.

According to Sheldon Assistant Fire Chief Brad Hindt, the fire at 3072 Marsh Avenue started from a nearby burn pit.  Hindt says the grass and a small wood pile caught on fire and then spread to the corner of a machine shed, where if got under the metal siding starting the wood frame of the shed on fire and spreading up to the attic. He says the blaze also threatened a nearby propane tank.

Hindt says when firefighters arrived they found smoke coming from the roof line of the building, as well as from the structure’s interior, and found the owner cooling the propane tank.

According to Hindt, one crew focused on cooling the propane tank and the second crew made entry into the shed and knocked down a small fire in the southeast corner of the structure.

Fire fighters continued to look for hot spots in the attic and then started to remove the metal siding on the interior as well as the exterior of the shed, finding several hot spots, Hindt says.

According to Hindt, the machine shed received severe damage to the interior and exterior near its southeast corner.

Sheldon Fire was assisted by the Boyden Fire Department, SCAT, Sioux County Sheriff’s office and Mid-American Energy Co.

The Sheldon Fire Company was called to the scene shortly before 3:00 Saturday afternoon and firefighters were on scene until about 6:30 Saturday evening.

Photos courtesy of the Sheldon Fire Company


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